Ways To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

Perhaps you’ve tried direct mail in the past as a strategy for acquiring new leads and generating more sales. If your campaigns have produced mediocre or disappointing results, you might have decided that direct mail isn’t worth the time and expense.

The truth is that not all direct mail campaigns produce similar results. A well-planned and thoughtfully executed campaign can dramatically increase sales and explode your lead list, while a hastily designed campaign can do little more than take up your time. Fortunately, there are three simple strategies you can use to harness the power of direct marketing and enjoy more solid results:

1) Create interest before recipients ever open your direct mail envelopes. Getting prospects to open your direct mail pieces and read your marketing message is half the battle. Consider including high-impact graphics on your envelopes to grab recipients attention and make them want to find out more. Full-bleed graphics, which cover the entire envelope face, can be particularly effective for building interest.

You can also consider hand-addressing envelopes to maximize curiosity. People rarely receive hand-addressed letters, so this strategy can make more than 90 percent of your prospects open direct mail envelopes to find out what they have received. Companies like Tier 3 Scottsdale can hand-address envelopes for you to save you time and hassle.

2) Use visually appealing graphics in your direct mail letters to sustain interest. Ideally, you should opt for full-color graphics to maximize visual impact. You can also use graphics to illustrate or emphasize important points that you want your prospects to remember. Colored bullet points, arrows, and call-to-action boxes can all drive your marketing message and make recipients more likely to contact you.

3) Personalize your sales letters. If your direct marketing piece looks like a form letter, a fair number of prospects will simply stop reading and throw your letters away. In order to engage readers, you should add personal elements. These might include referring to the customer by name in the heading and body of the letter, including references to the prospects city or location, or penning short hand-written notes in the margins or at the end of the letter.

Tier 3 Scottsdale can use variable printing techniques to personalize each direct mail piece for you.


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