Tier3 Marketing – Direct Mail That Delivers

While advocates of all things digital might proclaim the death of direct mail as a viable marketing method, they would be wrong. Although consumers view all marketing with a more jaundiced eye, physical mail still commands a psychological hold on people. They sort their mail and that means a well fashioned piece of direct mail can entice someone to open it. In short, direct mail still delivers customers and Tier3 Marketing delivers the kind of direct mail customers open.

People toss mail without opening it based on a few key triggers. If they don’t recognize branding elements, such as logos, the envelope is completely typewritten and the envelope is metered, rather than using a stamp, people toss the mail without a second thought. It looks like marketing and consumers have become increasingly less responsive to blatant marketing techniques.

A key trigger that prompts people to open mail, on the other hand, is actual handwriting. At minimum, handwriting conveys that a human being took time out of their day to pick up a pen and address this to you. The mail is no longer machine-drafted junk that can be ignored in good conscience, but a human expression that warrants a few moments. Tier3 specializes in providing hand-addressed direct mail.

Hand addressed mail, in addition to an extremely high open rate, also generates a much better response rates. In some cases, the response rates jump by 300%. Improved response rates means you get more leads out of every campaign and, if the mailing list is properly targeted, more sales per campaign. This lowers costs across the board, from the total amount of marketing you need to do to stay competitive to sales and lead generation costs.

Unlike other marketing approaches that generate fuzzy and difficult to measure results, direct mail lends itself to tracking. You know the number of pieces that go out, so it becomes simple math based on the number of responses.

By offering hand-addressed direct mail, Tier3 Marketing can help you to capture the benefits of direct mail. It also provides you with a way to show your prospective customers that you don’t see them as a slot in a computer program, but as people who are worth the time it takes a human being to pick up a pen and write an address.


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