Logistics And Turn-Key Marketing

Logistics may be the single most time consuming part of running a business, in large part because almost all of business boils down to logistics. How many employees do you need on hand on any given day? When do you place a new order and for how many units of which items? Which vendors will give you the most beneficial terms? Then in walks marketing, which not only demands that you generate a never-ending flow of new content and material, but that you manage dozens of new logistical challenges.

If your business is like most businesses, you have a huge cross-section of marketing activities. You’ve got print ads, radio spots, social media presence, a blog, and maybe you’ve even ventured into the territory of TV ads. Each of these marketing outlets represents a logistical issue you must address. How much are you willing to pay to place an ad and what goes in it? When will it air and how often? Who will be in charge of social media and who deals with it when that person isn’t on hand? How often will you post new content on the blog and when should it post?

These are just a few of the logistical questions that play into managing your marketing. If you don’t have the time to devote to answering all of these questions or even if you just want to focus more on the content and less on the logistics, a turn-key marketing solution may be right for you. Turn-key marketing isn’t a replacement for logistical thinking, but a tool that makes the logistics manageable. Rather than making a thousand decisions a month about marketing, you make a series of logistical decisions upfront and the system deals with most of them from then out.

You still need to create marketing material, but that material gets input into the system and goes out based on your upfront decisions. The system pares down the decision-making to critical issues, such as how to best convey your branding messages. Instead of answering questions like, “Do we tweet twice a day or three times a day?” Of course, marketing that relies on external parties, such as radio and TV ads, will still need you to make decisions. For those looking to simplify their marketing logistics on the web and social media, Scottsdale’s Tier 3 can offer you a custom, turn-key solution.


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