Hand Addressing

 Benefits of Hand Addressing

Think about the last time you received a letter in a hand-addressed envelope. Did you take notice? More importantly, did you open it to find out what was inside? If you’re like most people, you probably answered, Yes. As noted in Direct Mail that Delivers, hand addressing can dramatically boost open rates. This means that a much higher percentage of your recipients read your message. Naturally, higher open rates translate to more responses and increased sales percentages.

The power of hand addressing lies in curiosity. People rarely receive anything but bills, post cards, and flyers in their mailboxes so when a hand-addressed envelope appears, it stands out. More importantly, it makes recipients curious about the envelopes contents. This is why as few as one in 300 recipients throw hand-addressed letters away unopened.

The curiosity that hand addressing builds also creates a sense of urgency. When people bring in the daily mail, they might not sort through the flyers and brochures for a day or two and the longer mail sits on the kitchen counter, the more likely it is to be thrown away unread. With hand addressing, this problem is all but eliminated. Curiosity leads the vast majority of recipients to open your direct mail pieces within minutes of receiving them. This means faster responses and enhanced opportunities to turn prospects into buyers.

 Time Factor of Hand Addressing

Of course, the downside of hand addressing for most business owners is that it takes considerably longer than label printing. If you decide to address direct mail envelopes by hand yourself, you could spend hours away from attending to your core business tasks. You could hire someone to handle it for you, but then you would be responsible for payroll, benefits, employee taxes, and other costs.

Fortunately, there are companies like Tier 3 that can quickly and easily handle hand addressing tasks for you. This saves you the time and hassle of hand addressing direct mail envelopes yourself or managing an in-house employee. Even better, Tier 3 has the technology and resources to complete most jobs in two days or fewer. This means your prospects will receive your letters faster, so that they can take advantage of your offer sooner.

With the effectiveness of hand addressing and the ease of outsourcing, shouldn’t you take advantage of the benefits of hand addressing for your next direct mail campaign?

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